Intellectual and writer Randolph Bourne.

Trans-National America

In 1916, Randolph Bourne challenged widespread nativism by calling for a reconsideration of the “melting-pot” theory.
A 1774 caricature of extreme

The Gender-Bending Style of Yankee Doodle's Macaroni

The outlandish "macaroni" style of 18th-century England blurred the boundaries of gender, as well as class and nationality.

Uncola: Seven-Up, Counterculture and the Making of an American Brand

Advertisements for the soft drink presented it as a soda revolution.
An image from the Great War taken in an Australian Advanced Dressing Station near Ypres in 1917.

How Horror Changed After WWI

The war created a new world, an alternate reality distinct from what most people before 1914 expected their lives to be.
David Porter, 2005.

David Porter Takes Us to School

The man who wrote "Soul Man" gives a master class on how code-switching through music helped catalyze the Civil Rights Movement.

Take an Immigrant’s Journey

Follow the paths of eight immigrants, whose stories are based on real laws and historically documented scenarios.
Barnum & Bailey - I'll meet you at the circus, ca. 1906.

The American Circus in All Its Glory

A new documentary tells the history of the big top.
One of William H. Mumler's

The Man Who Photographed Ghosts

A new book explores the work of William Mumler and the mysteries of spirit photography.
Inaugural festivities for the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, including a military and naval salute, October 28, 1886.


From the day it was inaugurated, the Statue of Liberty has symbolized the tensions between national independence and universal human rights.

The Erotics of Cy Twombly

Poet Joshua Rivkin’s new book about Cy Twombly is “stranger and more personal than a biography.”
Bella Lugosi as Dracula, 1931.

The History of American Fear

An interview with horror historian David J. Skal.
A Columbia Gramophone Grand, pictured in a 1902 Sears Catalog (1948).

Sears’s ‘Radical’ Past

How mail-order catalogues subverted the racial hierarchy of Jim Crow.