Ernest Hemingway and Adriana Ivancich in Cuba.

The Old Man and His Muse: Hemingway’s Toe-Curling Infatuation with Adriana Ivancich

For the last decade of his life, the sozzled Hemingway was in thrall to an Italian 30 years his junior.
The Peaks of Otter overlooking the town of Bedford, Virginia, that is presumably in the radius of the location of Beale's treasure (2015).

The Quest to Break America’s Most Mysterious Code—And Find $60 Million in Buried Treasure

A set of 200-year-old ciphers may reveal the location of millions of dollars’ worth of treasure buried in rural Virginia.
Acting troupe in blackface, ca. 1911-1915.

Yes, Politicians Wore Blackface. It Used to be All-American ‘Fun.’

Minstrel shows were once so mainstream that even presidents watched them.
StairMaster 6000 brochure.

From Oil to Oprah: An Oral History of the StairMaster

The untold origin story of an iconic workout machine, told one step at a time.
Poster for

The Faces of Racism

A history of blackface and minstrelsy in American culture.

The Muralist and Enumerator

How a census taker and an artist were participants to the grand project of displaying and explaining America to itself.
A screenshot of Arthur Morgan, the central character in 'Red Dead Redemption 2' (2018).

Red Dead Redemption 2 Confronts the Racist Past and Lets You Do Something About It

Poke around the game’s fictional South and you’ll find cross-burning Klansmen, whom you are free to kill.
A sampling of different protein and energy bars (2008).

Hard to Swallow

How the military, a marathoner, and the relentless march of capitalism turned protein bars into an unlikely American staple.
An example of the dance form of voguing.

An Oral History of Voguing from a Pioneer of the Iconic Dance

"This is not just a fad. This, for us, was a dance of survival, but it was also a social dance."
Migrant Mother (1936).

The Making of an Iconic Photograph: Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother

The complex backstory of one of the most famous images of the Great Depression.

Why is Everyone Suddenly Saying 'Y'all'?

Or better put, why is it something so many outside of the South have recently adopted?
Edith Wharton's library at her home, called The Mount.

Virginia Woolf? Snob! Richard Wright? Sexist! Dostoyevsky? Anti-Semite!

How should we read literature from the past with moral blind spots that offend us today?