The 'New Game of Human Life,' a board game created in London (1790).

Progress in Play: Board Games and the Meaning of History

Throughout the history of civilization, board games have been used as propaganda to support ideologies and lifestyles.
A man posed with kettle balls (2013).

Working, Out

Homophobia at a CrossFit is a good time to remember that gym culture wouldn’t exist without queer people.

Reading in an Age of Catastrophe

A review of George Hutchinson's "Facing the Abyss: American Literature and Culture in the 1940s."
The first edition cover of Jean Raspail's 1973 novel

The Notorious Book that Ties the Right to the Far Right

The enduring popularity of "The Camp of the Saints" sheds light on nativists' historical opposition to immigration.
Donald Shirley in his later years. (A still from Josef Astor's documentary,

How 'Green Book' And The Hollywood Machine Swallowed Donald Shirley Whole

Why relatives of the musician depicted in "Green Book" called the film “a symphony of lies.”
A 'House Beautiful' magazine spread (1964).

The Lost World of the Middlebrow Tastemaker

Journalist Elizabeth Gordon had unsparing opinions about the inadequacy of both mainstream and elite notions of design.
Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger.

Genteel Spoliation: Decolonization at the Museum and Marvel’s Black Panther

How the film taps into an ongoing debate about artifact collections acquired during the colonial period.

The Surprising History of Americans Sharing Books

A visual exploration of how a critical piece of social infrastructure came to be.
A soccer ball in a field.

Field of Dreams

Migrant futboleros in greater Mexico.
Cover of Collier's on August 5, 1950.

New York City, the Perfect Setting for a Fictional Cold War Strike

On Collier’s 1950 cover story, “Hiroshima, USA: Can Anything Be Done About It?”
Singer Bob Dylan performs at the Pavillon de Paris on July 4, 1978.

John Wesley Harding at Fifty: WWDD?

Bob Dylan's confessional album resisted the political radicalism and activism of 1967.
People passing in front of a 'Classic Cinema' entrance, 29th January 1975.

How Superheroes Made Movie Stars Expendable

The Hollywood overhauls that got us from Bogart to Batman.