Interstate 405 in Los Angeles, California. (2017)

A Century of Highway Zombies

Since the 1920s, “highway hypnosis” has lulled drivers to disaster.
Chili dog with fries.

How the Chili Dog Transcended America's Divisions

The national dish is really a fusion of immigrant fare.
A bathroom in Chemawa Indian School of Marion, Oregon, 1977.

Bathing in Controversy

For a century, school showers have anticipated the current debate about bathrooms.
A photograph of a horse.

The Troubled History of Horse Meat in America

The White House wants to reinstate the sale of horses for slaughter, but eating horse meat has always been politically treacherous.
Melanie Griffith in the 1988 film.

The Power Suit’s Subversive Legacy

Women have long borrowed from men’s dress to claim the authority associated with it. It hasn’t always worked.
Mary Badham as Scout Finch in the 1962 movie

A Short History of the Tomboy

With roots in race and gender discord, has the “tomboy” label worn out its welcome?
A drawing of Johnathan Chapman (

The Real Story Behind "Johnny Appleseed"

Johnny Appleseed was based on a real person, John Chapman, who was eccentric enough without the legends.
A 1994 Grapefruit League game in Vero Beach, FL, the former spring training home of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Business of Spring Baseball

How spring training has become as much about money and business as about playing the game.
American schoolchildren perform the Bellamy salute in 1915.

The Pledge of Allegiance's Creepy Past

Seventy-four years ago today, lawmakers passed an amendment to the U.S. Flag Code.
Martha Van Rensselaer and Flora Rose at a meeting of the League of Women Voters at the home of Eleanor Roosevelt in Hyde Park in the 1920s

The Turn-of-the-Century Lesbians Who Founded The Field of Home Ec

Flora Rose and Martha Van Rensselaer lived in an open lesbian relationship and helped found the field of home economics.
Mavis Staples performs at The Life & Songs of Emmylou Harris: An All Star Concert Celebration in Washington, DC (2015)

Mavis Staples on Prince, Trump, Black Lives Matter, and Her Exercise Regimen

Mavis Staples' lyrics span from the civil-rights-era to today's societal issues.
Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) and T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) face off in Black Panther

The Many Dimensions of Black Panther

The blockbuster refuses to flatten its characters into simple heroes or villains — and that's exactly what makes it so refreshing.