An advertisement for the Ford Country Squire Station Wagon.

Ford Says Farewell

America’s most iconic automaker plans to drive almost all of their passenger sedans into the sunset by 2020.
The top spellers from Lake McBride School in 1961, who would represent the school in the upcoming county Spelling Bee.

The Word Is ‘Nemesis’: The Fight to Integrate the National Spelling Bee

For talented black spellers in the 1960s, the segregated local spelling bee was the beginning of the long road to Washington, D.C.
The Spring 2017 Graduation Ceremony at Florida A&M University.

The History and Significance of Kente Cloth in the Black Diaspora

Kente serves as more than a pop of color at college graduations.
A usonian Frank Lloyd Wright design, commissioned in 1939 and built in Falls Church, Virginia. The living and dining spaces connect to a small, semi-open kitchen.

The Curse of an Open Floor Plan

The flowing, connected interior has become ubiquitous, and beloved. But it promises a liberation from housework that remains a fantasy.

The History of the Solo Cup, From the South Side to Star Wars

The ubiquitous plastic vessel has come a long way.
A performance of The Low Road at The Public Theater in New York City.

Unrevolutionary Bastardy

A review of a "The Low Road," a “mordantly anti-Hamiltonian” play that made its debut at New York's Public Theater this spring.
Publicity photo of Chuck Berry taken in 1957.

Chuck Berry Invented the Idea of Rock and Roll

The origins of rock and roll are unknown, but no one can deny the role Chuck Berry played.
Vibrant graffiti found on the side of a wall highlights the prominence of hip-hop in contemporary culture.

The Syncopated Geography of Hip-Hop

Music scholar Katya Deve explores the history and geography of hip-hop.
The feared Great white shark swims near the surface.

Blood in The Water: Four Dead, A Coast Terrified and The Birth of Modern Shark Mania

A series of deadly shark attacks by the Matawan Man-Eater shook New Jersey and prompted President Wilson to declare war on sharks.

The Death and Life of the Instant-Print Camera

The iPhone era has ushered in a new fondness for analog photography that has turned clunky cameras into necessary accessories.

The First Film Ever Streamed on the Internet is Kind of Crazy

Beekeeping, alien planets, and the limits of narrative as technology.
Visionary Women: How Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Jane Goodall, and Alice Waters Changed Our World, by Andrea Barnet.

Coming to Terms With Nature

Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Jane Goodall, and Alice Waters in the ’60s.