The House of Commons at Westminster, an engraving published as Plate 21 of Microcosm of London, 1808.

Asking the Tough Questions With an 18th-Century Debate Society

Is polygamy justifiable? Is it lawful to eat swine's flesh?
Record label of Paramount 20291 featuring Forgetful Blues by Charley Straight's orchestra. Elvie Thomas's

The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie

On the trail of the phantom women who changed American music and then vanished without a trace.
Journalist and novelist Elizabeth Bisland from

Elizabeth Bisland’s Race Around the World

The American journalist propelled into the limelight when she went head-to-head with Nellie Bly on a race around the world.
A new press-button telephone in 1965.

Why No One Answers Their Phone Anymore

Homeowners used to rush to pick up the phone. What happened?
Helmeted police riot guards drag a rioter away from the scene of violence in Newark.

What One Photographer Saw During the Deadly Newark Riots of 1967

A LIFE magazine story boasted of unparalleled access to those behind the riot, but it took longer for the full story to emerge
Tracy Ward sits with her attorney in an Amarillo, Texas courtroom, after pleading guilty to delivering crack to her unborn son. (2004)

What the "Crack Baby" Panic Reveals About The Opioid Epidemic

Journalism in two different eras of drug waves illustrates how strongly race factors into empathy and policy.
Illustration of John L. Sullivan from a Supplement to Police Gazette, vol. LXXII, no. 1078, Saturday April 23d, 1898.

John L. Sullivan Fights America

In 1883, heavy-weight boxing champion John L. Sullivan embarked on a tour of the country that would make him a sports superstar.
A sampling of craft beer.

The Craft Beer Explosion: Why Here? Why Now?

The crucial decade was the 1970s, when the industry’s increased consolidation and ever-blander product collided with key social and economic changes.
New York City Deputy Police Commissioner John A. Leach supervises agents as they dispose of liquor during Prohibition.

What if the Fourth of July Were Dry?

In 1855, prohibitionists set their sights on the wettest day of the year.
Actor Leslie Odom, Jr. and actor and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda perform on stage during a 'Hamilton' GRAMMY performance on February 15, 2016.

The Issue on the Table: Is 'Hamilton' Good for History?

In a new book, top historians discuss the musical’s educational value, historical accuracy and racial revisionism.

How Everything On The Internet Became Clickbait

The “Laurel or Yanny?” phenomenon was the logical endpoint of 300 years of American media.
Bob Dylan performs on October 8, 1987.

The Rise and Fall of the “Sellout”

The history of the epithet, from its rise among leftists and jazz critics and folkies to its recent fall from favor.