Journalist and radio broadcaster Dorothy Thompson sitting at a table surrounded by people (1940)

‘Who Goes Nazi’ Now?

Dorothy Thompson's 1941 paranoid 'parlor game' just as (un) useful today.
A vintage green cardigan sweater worn by Kurt Cobain during Nirvana’s appearance on MTV Unplugged in 1993.

When Cardigans Were Battle Attire

This bookish sweater has a violent history.
The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, Teche Bayou, New Iberia, Louisiana.

The Flood Blues

How floods have united people of color from the Gulf Coast states for nearly a century.
The Cubs celebrate after winning the 2016 World Series

How the Cubs Won

Four books contend with the lifting of the 108-year old curse.
The 1960 meeting in Harlem between Fidel Castro and Malcolm X.

When Malcolm X Met Fidel Castro

The history behind the photographs on Colin Kaepernick’s T-shirt.
Scene from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode

Revisiting the Most Political 'Star Trek' Episode

In 1995, the "Deep Space Nine" installment “Past Tense” stood out for its realistic, near-future vision of racism and economic injustice.
Tom Petty, performing  at the Fillmore, San Francisco, on June 20th, 2016.

“Like Sonny Liston”: An Appreciation of Tom Petty

Patterson Hood argues that Tom Petty achieved perfection in his songwriting... time and time again.
Twitter logo.

A Thread for Auld Lang Syne

Historian and journalist Yoni Applebaum reflects on Twitter's new 280-character limit.
Annie Londonderry, the first woman to bicycle around the world.

How Bicycles Boosted the Women's Rights Movement

Susan B. Anthony said that the bicycle did "more to emancipate women than anything else in the world."
Colin Kaepernick kneels in protest during the national anthem prior to playing the Los Angeles Rams at Levi's Stadium on September 12, 2016.

“Taking a Knee”: Simple Phrase, Powerful—and Changing—Meaning

Used in military and football slang, the phrase dates back to at least 1960.
Hugh Hefner at the premiere of

Hugh Hefner Was Never The Star of Playboy

Perhaps the only true generalization to make about Hefner is that he is given too much credit for his role in American history.
Filmmaker Ken Burns speaks onstage during the press conference for 'Jackie Robinson', at Langham Hotel on January 18, 2016 in Pasadena, California.

Ken Burns's American Canon

Even in a fractious era, the filmmaker still believes that his documentaries can bring every viewer in.