Capturing Photos of Corporate Office Life in 1970s America

A photographer set out to portray the cookie-cutter culture of corporate America's bygone days.
Rhiannon Giddens (2015).

Rhiannon Giddens and What Folk Music Means

The roots musician is inspired by the evolving legacy of the black string band.
Beyonce Knowles (R) and Solange Knowles arrive at the MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas (2007).

‘Give It Up For My Sister’: Beyonce, Solange, and The History of Sibling Acts in Pop

Family dynasties are neither new nor newly influential in pop.
Sesame Street cast, 1976.

Psychiatry, Racism, and the Birth of ‘Sesame Street’

How a black psychiatrist helped design a groundbreaking television show as a radical therapeutic tool for minority preschoolers.
A collection of black dresses by Valentino at the exhibition

The Underclass Origins of the Little Black Dress

The upper classes once imposed the fashion staple on their servants—then they stole it back from them.
Cover of the 'San Francisco Oracle,' Volume 1, No. 5, January 1967.

Where to Score: Classified Ads from Haight-Ashbury

From 1966-1969, the underground newspaper 'San Francisco Oracle' became exceedingly popular among counterculture communities.
Close-up view of an opened book.

Periodicals Are Reassessing Their Pasts. It’s Time for Publishers to Do the Same

For decades, book publishers regularly rejected authors on the basis of their race and religion. Their voices deserve to be heard.
Album cover of Odetta's,

Odetta Holmes’ Album One Grain of Sand

Odetta’s artistry was a weapon in the Civil Rights struggle, and was crucial to the era’s politics.
A hula kahiko performance at the hula platform in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (2005).

How America’s Obsession With Hula Girls Almost Wrecked Hawai’i

Popularized images of female hula dancers have deviated far from their origins and perpetuated stereotypes.
Debbie Behan Garret's collection of black dolls.

Black Is Beautiful: Why Black Dolls Matter

"Why do you have black dolls?"
Barbers Pete Boyd and Johnny Gator cut hair in Gator’s barbershop (ca. 1950).

Straight Razors and Social Justice: The Empowering Evolution of Black Barbershops

Black barbershops are a symbol of community, and they provide a window into our nation's complicated racial dynamics.
An Edward Hopper illustration from the July 18, 1918 issue of Adventure.

The Unlikely Pulp Fiction Illustrations of Edward Hopper

When the iconic painter drew cowboys for the pulp-fiction magazine, 'Adventure.'