Southern rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd performs with its modern lineup (2010).

Lynyrd Skynyrd: Inside the Band's Complicated History With the South

The Southern-rock group is much different than the one Ronnie Van Zant led in the Seventies.
Patrick Vaill as Jud in St. Ann's Warehouse production of Oklahoma! (2018).

Oklahoma Was Never Really O.K.

A new production exposes the darkness that’s always been at the heart of the musical — and the American experiment.
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How the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings Turned Baseball into a National Sensation

Meet the team that transformed baseball from a pastime to an industry.
Henry Adams writing at a desk (1883).

The Miseducation of Henry Adams

Henry Adams's classic autobiography speaks to concerns of privilege, failure, and progress in his rapidly changing world.
A book of Garry Winogrand's work.

Garry Winogrand’s Photographs Contain Entire Novels

A photographer whose work resembles that of a realist novelist, we observe a cast of characters as they change over time.

A Social—and Personal—History of Silence

Its meaning can change over time, and over the course of a life.
International forces advancing toward Boxer soldiers outside the Imperial Palace in Beijing, China, during the Boxer Rebellion.

Three Times Political Conflict Reshaped American Mathematics

How mathematics has been shaped by wars, politics, dynasties, and nationalism.
An unidentified man passed out at Altamont Speedway (1969).

The Chaos of Altamont and the Murder of Meredith Hunter

A lot has been written about the notorious concert, but so much of the language around it has been passive and exonerating.

Punjabi Convoy

A history of trucking in America, told through the music that has kept truckers company on the lonely road.
The Cabrini-Green Homes, a public housing project in Chicago.

Voices in Time: Horror Movie Scene-Setting

The author of 'High-Risers' revisits 'Candyman,' in which public housing is the greatest horror of all.
 Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of

For Those Still Hungering for ‘Hamilton,’ a New Indulgence

Here comes another way to indulge your “Hamilton” mania: a high-tech, interactive, traveling exhibition.
A picture of Don the Talking Dog, a popular vaudeville act (1912).

When Don the Talking Dog Took the Nation by Storm

Although he 'spoke' German, the vaudevillian canine captured the heart of the nation.