Cyclist Tillie Anderson on a bike wearing a typical racing uniform (1895).

This Seamstress Conquered Bike Racing in the 1890s

Cyclist Tillie Anderson shattered records, dominated her competition, and earned the world champion title.
Bookcase with a secretary, by anonymous, after Michael Angelo Nicholson (1827).

Encyclopedia Hounds

A few of Encyclopædia Britannica’s famous readers, on the occasion of its 250th anniversary.
Toledo Troopers.

Almost Undefeated: The Forgotten Football Upset of 1976

How the Toledo Troopers, the most dominant female football team of all time, met their match.
Cover of the first edition of Burnett's novel,

100 Years of The Secret Garden

Frances Hodgson Burnett's biographer considers her life and how personal tragedy underpinned the creation of her most famous work.
Fannie Farmer (left) with a student at the Boston Cooking School.

Overlooked No More: Fannie Farmer, Modern Cookery’s Pioneer

She taught countless women marketable skills and wrote a cookbook that defined American food for the 20th century.
Julia Ward Howe, social activist and women's rights advocate.

Mother’s Day or Mothers’ Day

The origins of the Hallmark holiday are rooted in a much greater cause.
A 1921 photo of Vaudeville star Bert Williams in blackface holding a cigarette.

America Needs an Education in Whiteness

Not a white equivalent of Black History Month, but a better understanding of the concept of whiteness and the harm it inflicts.
The 'New Game of Human Life,' a board game created in London (1790).

Progress in Play: Board Games and the Meaning of History

Throughout the history of civilization, board games have been used as propaganda to support ideologies and lifestyles.
A man posed with kettle balls (2013).

Working, Out

Homophobia at a CrossFit is a good time to remember that gym culture wouldn’t exist without queer people.

Reading in an Age of Catastrophe

A review of George Hutchinson's "Facing the Abyss: American Literature and Culture in the 1940s."
The first edition cover of Jean Raspail's 1973 novel

The Notorious Book that Ties the Right to the Far Right

The enduring popularity of "The Camp of the Saints" sheds light on nativists' historical opposition to immigration.
Donald Shirley in his later years. (A still from Josef Astor's documentary,

How 'Green Book' And The Hollywood Machine Swallowed Donald Shirley Whole

Why relatives of the musician depicted in "Green Book" called the film “a symphony of lies.”