The Photos That Lifted Up the Black Is Beautiful Movement

For over 50 years, photographer Kwame Brathwaite captured African-American beauty and fashion, giving visual power to black power.
Orson Welles performs H.G. Wells'

What War of the Worlds Did

The uncanny realism of Orson Welles’s radio play crystallised a fear of communication technology that haunts us today.
Cover of

How A Corporation Convinced American Jews To Reach For Crisco

A Proctor & Gamble ad-man on the Lower East Side recognized a big marketing opportunity when he saw one.

Cute as a Button? Think Twice

A new book examines the first generation of button-pushing Americans at the turn of the 20th century.
A group of men surround a pinball machine at a club in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, January 1941.

What the Popularity of 'Fortnite' Has in Common With the 20th Century Pinball Craze

Long before parents freaked over the ubiquitous video game, they flipped out over another newfangled fad.
Andy Griffith as Larry

Mayberry Machiavelli

The self-congratulatory legacies of ‘A Face in the Crowd.’
A painting entitled

Thanksgiving: The National Day of Mourning

A Native student explains why the holiday is a painful reminder of a whitewashed past.
A painting entitled

A Brief History of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday about food – but it is more specifically a holiday about food’s absence.
A graphic from Liberty Hangout, a libertarian news and opinion website.

The Alt-Right’s Favorite Meme Is 100 Years Old

‘Cultural Marxism’ might sound postmodern but it’s got a long, toxic history.
Black Philadelphians formed the Crispus Attucks Circle for War Relief to raise funds for Mercy Hospital, an institution serving black soldiers.

How Black Philadelphians Fought for Soldiers During World War I

A brief history of the Crispus Attucks Circle, an African American relief agency.
Members of the New England Patriots kneel as the National Anthem is played before a game at Gillette Stadium on September 24, 2017.

Donald Trump’s Use of the “Star-Spangled Banner” Is an American Tradition

It's a short song with a complicated history.
New York Police Department car, 2013.

The Orchestra

What are the origins of the mechanical siren?